Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie Dough
Peanut Butter Smothered Banana
Cookies ‘n’ Cream Peanut Butter
Apple Cinnamon Peanut Butter


  • No artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors
  • 16 grams of premium protein per bar
  • Unrivaled taste


Delicious, Taste Almost Like Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

”I don’t usually care for protein bars. But these are absolutely delicious. The chocolate chip/peanut butter/cookie dough flavor looks and tastes almost like a real cookie bar loaded with dark chocolate chips. Yet there are only 4 grams of sugar in this entire bar. If you are looking to get more protein, this bar contains a whopping 16 grams. We have tried many protein bars in my home, but my family agrees that these are the best tasting of all (and they went fast). I can’t recommend these bars enough. Try them!”

Verity B.‍

Tasty & Filling Protein Snack Bars

”Most times, healthy snacks are bland, taste extra healthy, and well, it almost feels like eating a bar of compressed powder. Not these protein snack bars. They are on point making these so good, that I have to hold back and remind myself "One protein snack a day", otherwise this 12-day supply will become a three or two-day supply. The serving portion is just right for me. I love how there are two different flavors in the box.”



”These taste delicious. I had to hide them from my daughter because she was taking them to school in her lunch as a snack. I would eat these if I did not have time for lunch at work and it would hold me over until I got home for dinner. I would advise not leaving these in your pocket or anywhere that it can get warm because they do melt and become gooey. Overall I give these a 5-star rating as they tasted good.”

Curtis Long

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